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Cary, Welch, Hickman & Hawk, LLC is a continuation of a law firm founded in 1888 by William P. Harrison and George A. Mahan. A chronology of the firm from that date to the present date is as follows:

  • HARRISON & MAHAN - 1888-1892
  • GEORGE A. MAHAN - 1892-1907
  • MAHAN, SMITH & MAHAN - 1907-1926
  • MAHAN, MAHAN & FULLER - 1926-1940
  • FULLER, FULLER & ELY - 1940-1950
  • FULLER, ELY & HIBBARD - 1950-1957
  • ELY & HIBBARD - 1957-1965
  • ELY & CARY - 1965-1979
  • ELY, CARY & WELCH - 1979-1983
  • ELY, CARY, WELCH & HICKMAN - 1983-1999
  • CARY, WELCH & HICKMAN, LLP - 1999-2015
  • CARY, WELCH, HICKMAN & HAWK, LLC - 2015-Present

In December 1982 the firm moved from its location in the Hannibal National Bank Building to its current location in the historic Ebert-Dulany Building at 1000 Center Street in Hannibal, Missouri.

The firm's areas of practice include estate planning, banking law, bankruptcy and creditors' rights, corporate and business law, personal injury and products liability litigation, insurance defense, contracts, real estate law, probate, criminal law, municipal law and domestic relations.

Current principal in the firm is Crystal M. Hawk.

Crystal M. Hawk practices exclusively in Estate Planning, Elder Law and Medicaid planning, as well as, asset protection planning.




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